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Très Bonne Année is a self-sustaining, nonprofit, charitable corporation which exists solely to raise funds for nonprofit organizations and to advance the arts, culture and education in Central Pennsylvania thus enhancing the region’s quality of life and economic vitality.

The organization’s primary focus is a series of wine-related events and activities. All activities operate within a framework of social and educational events, thereby stimulating an environment of “natural giving” by those who love and appreciate wine, food and the arts.

Toward that end, Très Bonne Année cultivates participation by the domestic and international wine communities to work in conjunction with business, restaurant, entertainment, and communication forums and individuals united in the common goal of advancing the arts.

Très Bonne Année, French for “a very good year,” is a series of wine and food events held annually in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Très Bonne Année has become one of the largest wine auctions for charity on the East Coast. The auction proceeds exclusively benefit Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. Every year, a great wine personality is honored. Très Bonne Année is the first of its kind for Central Pennsylvania. Events include gala wine tastings, parties and dinners attended by nationally recognized food and wine authorities and enthusiasts.

With events designed for every level of knowledge and interest, you do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy Très Bonne Année. The Vintners’ Tasting is the perfect place for novice enthusiasts to join experienced collectors for an educational event. The serious collector and world traveler will be excited to attend the Gala Auction and Dinner.

The Très Bonne Année events target individuals who enjoy wine, food and the arts!

–   William Kohl, Chairman of the Board

2019 Honored Guest

A Verity Wine Partners’ producer is a family-owned mid-size producer, often served by a first class importer, that shares an enormous respect for the vineyard, believes in thoroughly responsible farming and the need to integrate all components of the natural order.  In every aspect they are considered to be a partner that shares enormous respect for the vineyard, with a goal of creating the best wines that nature will allow.

Our philosophy, as reflected in our name, is to establish honest and open partnerships with our customer base and suppliers through business practices that are both uncomplicated and transparent. From this foundation, our goal is to create demand for our product, and we believe that in doing so we are also creating demand for the ideals of our producers, and sustaining a process where quality can rule at the expense of volume. Our mission is to fight back against the power of the mass-produced, the mass-distributed and to create space for
the voices of those who speak through their passions, conscience and values. Theirs are voices that reflect both the authenticity of their wine and the integrity of their land – voices that speak not for their wines but through them.

Visit veritywines.com to learn more.


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