This dinner for ten in your home will be prepared by the staff of the renowned 1700 Degrees and will be hosted by Christophe Hedges. He will showcase some of Hedges’ finest wines, each carefully matched with a food course designed to bring out its superlative qualities.

Hedges Family Estate is truly a family affair. You will meet Christophe Hedges, son to Tom and Anne-Marie Hedges, and general manager of the Hedges Family Estate. Managing his family’s winery, Christophe and his wife Maggie also have their own property, Domaine Magdalena. When he’s not tending to business, Christophe enjoys collecting wines of exceptional geographic representation, eating good food, sculpting, masonry, and reading on airplanes!

This will be a wonderful evening, and you can rest assured that your guests will arrive home safely due to the generosity of Unique Limousine and The Salinger Family who will provide luxury transportation for the evening.

• Dinner for ten in your home hosted by Christophe Hedges and prepared by the staff of 1700 Degrees Steak House
• Wines to include Hedges Methode Champenois Sparkling wine, Hedges Le Blanc and library wines from the Hedges Family Estate inventory
• Round trip limousine service provided by Unique Limousine and The Salinger family

 Insider’s Notes:
• Please allow 60-days advance notice
• Based on the availability of Christophe Hedges and the Hilton staff
• May not be redeemed for cash

Donated by:
Tom and Anne-Marie Hedges
Greenwood Hospitality Group / Hilton Harrisburg 1700 Degrees
Unique Limousine and The Salinger Family