You will experience “over-the-top” tastings of iconic California wines hosted by Michael Jordan, one of the most highly respected and amazing Sommeliers of our day. Guests can expect a multi-course meal paired with two wine tastings per course, one from Napa and the other from Sonoma. Guests can also expect to be highly educated in various wines from both regions.

Highly respected in the restaurant and wine community, Michael Jordan holds both the Certified Wine Educator Diploma from Society of Wine Educators and Master Sommelier Diploma from the International Court of Master Sommeliers. (One of only 15 people in the world to hold both diplomas) Jordan’s father Matteo “Matty” Jordan (Owner of Matteo’s Italian Restaurant and “Maître d’ to the stars”) served six different US Presidents: JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and Ford and Clinton at his restaurant. Jordan himself has served three US presidents.

Owner/Chef of Bella Teresa Restaurant with wife Teresa in Corona del Mar, California. Jordan’s passion for food and wine extends to his love for music. Since 1970, he’s played in not only in bands, but also with many notable greats: Albert Lee, Dave Mason, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, David Pack, David Benoit, Mike Nelson, Rosie Flores, etc. . . . impromptu “free form” living room-style jam sessions with major players were the norm in all of his restaurants!

He personally developed and taught the sommelier classes resulting in over 1000 students from Disney alone passing the Court of Sommeliers Exams. (Most in any restaurant in world) and 100’s more from other restaurants. Jordan was responsible for bringing first Court of Master Sommelier Exam to ever be held in Southern California (now annually 2001 to present)and the first MS exams to China (in Hong Kong and Singapore 2009, and Shanghai in 2010)

• Multi-course dinner with wine for thirty at Hilton Harrisburg, 1700 Degrees, on May 8, 2020.
• Hosted by Michael Jordan, Master of Wine
• Wines to include Napa Valley and Sonoma Icons
– Freemark Abbey
– Cardinale
– La Jota
– Arrowood
– Matanzas Creed
– Hartford
– Stonestreet

Insider’s Notes:
• This lot is date specific and will be held on May 8, 2020, at Hilton Harrisburg, 1700 Degrees.
• This lot is to be bid as a Dutch auction. You will be bidding for two seats. All interested bidders will stand and will remain standing until the price is more than they care to bid. The last fifteen bidders standing will win. The bid price called will be the price for one seat. Winning bidders will pay for two seats.
• Maximum of fifteen winning bidders
• May not be redeemed for cash

Donated by:
Michael Jordan, Master of Wine
Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate
Greenwood Hospitality Group / Hilton Harrisburg, 1700 Degrees