In 1984, H. William Harlan, a real estate developer and Napa Valley resort owner, purchased a property west of Martha’s Vineyard in Oakville, and started viticulture, with the ambition to “create a first growth wine.” Harlan Estate wine has garnered high praise and accolades from wine critics all over the world and has achieved status as a “cult wine.” In 2004, Harlan founded the Napa Valley Reserve, a members-only winery and vineyard project, in which participants pay an initiation fee and monthly dues to create minimum of 150 bottles and up to 900 bottles per year under Harlan’s guidance.   Napa Valley Reserve has been described as “the nation’s first wine country club.” With a client base that includes actors, sports stars, and affluent professional workers, the establishment is an invitation-only club, and its wines are as highly sought after as Harlan Estate itself!

In Original Wooden Case
• 6 – 750 ml 2015 Napa Valley Reserve, Fritsch Selection

Donated by:   Mary and Frank Fritsch