Gaja is an Italian wine producer from the Piemonte region in the district of Langhe, chiefly producing a number of Barbaresco and Barolo wines from the Nebbiolo grape, and later diversified into Brunello and “Super-Tuscan” production. Its current owner and president Angelo Gaja is credited with developing techniques that have revolutionized winemaking in Italy, and terms such as “the undisputed king of Barbaresco”, and “the man who dragged Piedmont into the modern world” have been applied to him. His Barbaresco wine is considered a status symbol on a par with Château Lafite-Rothschild or Krug Champagne.

The Gaja winery was founded in 1859 by Giovanni Gaja, the Gaja family having arrived from Spain during the 17th century. In 1937, Giovanni Gaja, grandson of the founder, first put the name Gaja in big red letters on his bottles’ labels. The firm progressed following World War II as Gaja made a significant series of vineyard purchases. Angelo Gaja, (born 1940) great-grandson of Giovanni Gaja, began his career with the company in 1961. He introduced several practices to the region over the following years that were revolutionary to the vinification of Nebbiolo. Single vineyard production was started with Sorí San Lorenzo in 1967, Sorí Tildin in 1970 and Costa Russi in 1978. In the early 80’s, Angelo focused on growing imported grapes in Piemonte, but returned in 1988 to Nebbiolo with Barolo Sperss, first released in 1992. Further acquisitions saw Gaja own property in Montalcino, Tuscany, with the Pieve Santa Restituta estate, and the Ca’Marcanda property in Bolgheri, Tuscany. Angelo Gaja has since passed on the routine running of the firm to his daughters, Gaia and Rossana Gaja. The reputation of Gaja has evolved over the years as his uncompromising policies have produced tremendous results.

• 1 – 750 ml 2013 Sori Tilden Barbaresco – JS 97; V 97; RP 95
• 1 – 750 ml 2014 Sori Tilden Barbaresco – JS 96; RP 95; WS 95
• 1 – 750 ml 2014 Gaja “Costa Russi” Barbaresco – WE 97; RP 94; WS 94
• 1 – 750 ml 2013 Gaja Barbaresco Piedmont – RP 94; WS 93
• 1 – 750 ml 2009 Gaja “Sperss” Barolo Piedmont – RP 95; WS 93
• 1 – 750 ml 2014 Gaja “Pieve Santa Restituta” Brunello Montalcino – V 92
• 1 – 750 ml 2013 Gaja “Sugarille” Brunello Montalcino – WE 96; RP 94
• 1 – 750 ml 2013 Gaja “Darmagi” Cabernet Sauvignon – RP 94; WS 91
• 1 – 1.5 L 2013 Gaja “Darmagi” Cabernet Sauvignon – RP 94; WS 93

Donated by:   Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits